LEED Certification

LEED-Certified Construction Team

The trend toward green building is growing fast as organizations seek to make a powerful statement about their values and commitment to the environment.

J.S. Vig, a construction company with several LEED-accredited team members, is a leader in helping clients engage in this new era of building.

LEED Evaluation

Whether your project is a New Construction (NC), an Existing Building (EB) or Commercial Interior (CI) renovation, the Project Green team at J.S. Vig will evaluate the appropriate LEED checklist.

We can establish your current design’s LEED score and provide expert suggestions to help meet or exceed the project goal – LEED Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

LEED Certification Management

The Project Green Team at J.S. Vig is also able to guide our client’s projects through the entire LEED process – from initial concept to completion – in order to make sure that all goals for LEED certification are achieved.