Project Green

The Best Green Construction Company in Michigan

The Project Green team is a division of J.S. Vig Construction focused on best practices in sustainable commercial construction.

Our mission is to develop and implement relevant and practical green building strategies for both new construction and existing building projects.

Our industry-leading best practices reduce carbon emissions while improving energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality and the workplace environment.

We help clients realize the environmental and economic benefits of practical green building solutions, customized for their particular needs.

Phases of J.S. Vig Project Green

Phase 1: Program or Building Investigation/Benchmarking

  • LEED Evaluation (NC, EB, or CI)
  • Energy Star® Benchmarking
  • Data Collection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Property Inspection & Assessment
  • Data Logging with Thermal and Moisture Sensors
  • Energy Models and Audits

Phase 2: Sustainability Recommendations

Phase 3: Project Implementation

  • Construction, Maintenance or Alterations
  • LEED Certification Management
  • New Construction Design/Build
  • Green Opening

Phase 4: Operations & Maintenance Evaluation

  • Commissioning
  • Metering, Surveying, Sampling and Measurement of Building Performance