A Principles-Based Michigan Construction Company

Drawing upon years of experience as a construction supervisor and project manager, Joseph S. Vig founded J.S. Vig Construction Company in 1965 upon the firm belief that integrity, responsibility and hard work were vitally important business values; that the true bottom line is not measured in dollars and cents, but in people and relationships.

The same drive and sense of discipline that motivated him to attend night school for his degree in Civil Engineering – while also working full time and raising a family – carried over into the way he ran his company.

Mr. Vig’s personal goals were to earn and maintain the respect of his family and friends, to contribute to the community and to maintain an honest and fair working relationship with his clients.

As a result of this founding influence, the corporate mission of J.S. Vig has always prioritized responsive, professional, customer-focused service, while creating and maintaining a safe, productive and enjoyable workplace for employees and professional partners.

Building Upon a Powerful Legacy

Today, J.S. Vig’s founding legacy is carried on by Mr. Vig’s son, Joseph Jr. (CEO), and daughter, Valerie (President).

The success of J.S. Vig Construction has always been predicated upon the firm’s ability to distinguish itself by providing something different: professional expertise combined with a uniquely personal approach.

The firm frequently engages in negotiated work with a guaranteed maximum price attached – “construction management at risk” – wherein J.S. Vig assumes full responsibility for all sub-contractors.

By getting involved in a project early on and contributing input on everything from budgets to design, the firm is able to ensure that the client’s vision is realized in an efficient, expedient and successful manner.

In an industry that is sometimes notorious for a lack of reliability and straight-shooting, J.S. Vig has consistently provided both. After years of steady growth, we have emerged as a trusted and reliable construction firm, with a strong track record of more than 1,600 successfully completed projects.

With a compelling combination of professional flexibility and high-quality service, the firm’s outstanding work product and steadfast commitment to its founding principles of integrity, safety, quality and customer satisfaction have helped J.S. Vig establish not only a trusted reputation, but a network of strong and enduring professional relationships throughout the region.