About Us

Construction Industry Leaders

J.S. Vig is a southeast Michigan based construction company with a strong track record of more than 1,600 successfully completed projects throughout the United States.

Since opening our doors in 1965, J.S. Vig has established a diverse and expansive portfolio of projects ranging from hospitals, hotels, libraries, churches and municipal facilities to office buildings, laboratories, telecommunications and industrial facilities. We have built and maintain lasting relationships with organizations of all sizes, from small municipal governments to some of the largest private and public institutions in the world.

Every project we have worked on has been completed within budget, and with an emphasis on our core values of Integrity, Quality, Safety and Customer Satisfaction. Today, J.S. Vig is proud to be one of the few women-owned construction companies in the region – earning Women Owned Small Business (WOSC) certification, as well as Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification.

Our firm offers a comprehensive suite of professional building services that includes:

  • Zoning
  • Design/Build
  • Site Selection
  • Cost Segregation
  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Scheduling
  • Cost Estimation/Budgeting
  • Construction Management
  • Planning Approvals & Permitting

J.S. Vig is also the industry leader in green building, with a dedicated Project Green division and LEED Gold showroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Superior Service

At J.S. Vig, we pride ourselves on the ability to approach each project from a developer’s perspective.

We’re motivated by the belief that, from start to finish, every step in the construction process is a “team” effort. The architect, client and contractor are all on one side of the table throughout the construction process, and J.S. Vig acts as an advocate on behalf of clients in matters of scheduling, budgeting and ensuring the highest quality work product.

Our reputation for being able to hold all parties involved in a project to a higher-level of quality has been key to our professional success.

By focusing on both the large and small things that we can do to make the planning process and construction experience better and smoother, J.S. Vig ensures that accountability, responsibility and clear, consistent communication are top priorities.

Driven by the understanding that buildings are built in the field, not in the office, J.S. Vig upper-level management frequently gets hands-on with visits to jobs sites. Project managers work shoulder to shoulder with field supervisors and subcontractors to assure quality control and project compliance.

J.S. Vig personnel have an average experience level of 20 years in the construction industry, and understand how to add the extra value that clients expect.